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Material qualification

All the materials used in the production of our solar modules first undergo thorough testing to establish their suitability as a production material. We do everything a manufacturer can possibly do: materials are tested mechanically, electrically, thermally and visually. This way, we can be certain that only the very best materials are used for our solar modules.

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Material testing

All module components that arrive at our production plants are subjected to the sharp-eyed inspection of expe- rienced technicians. Only high quality and flawless materials are allowed to enter the production cycle. Particular attention is given to materials designed to protect the solar panel from wind and weather such as safety glass and back sheets.

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On Line quality

The quality of our products is guaranteed by fully automated systems, seamless process and material flow monitoring, regular electrical and visual measurement, as well as the inspection of intermediate products. Our production facilities were constructed according to our specifications and our standards of quality. Solar cells are produced using a fully automated procedure whereby manual handling of the cells is not necessary. Our process includes electroluminescence measurement twice, flash test and hotspot-test.

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Testing Laboratory

Our in-house module testing laboratory's quality management and working methods satisfy the rigorous standards of independent international testing and calibration laboratories. Our specialists thoroughly test materials, prototypes and solar modules. They conduct tests to determine performance, climate chamber tests, electrical and mechanical tests, as well as UV tests in accordance with European standards.

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Third Party Inspection

Our process control includes regularly monitoring and calibrating the flasher using reference modules from TUV Rheinland. TUV Rheinland also tests flasher accuracy in its annual audit certification procedure. TUV Rheinland also performs thrid party inspection during the production campain and before shipment a final random inspection.

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Proof of Performance

The performance ratio is one of the most important variables for evaluating the efficiency of a PV plant. Specifically, the performance ratio is the ratio of the actual and theoretically possible energy outputs. It is largely independent of the orientation of a PV plant and the incident solar irradiation on the PV plant. For this reason, the performance ratio can be used to compare PV plants supplying the grid at different locations all over the world. Every single projects in operation with our solar modules show a performance ratio >80%.

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