Manufacturing Features


Vertical integration, even more

Our product portfolio reflects our ability and our knowhow and covers every single stage of the value added chain for photovoltaics: ingots, wafer, cell, module, fixing systems, end-life recycling modules and even the latest energy storage technologie.

Vertical integration factory

The sensitive robots

Advantages of automation means shorter project runtimes and faster deliveries, but also more efficient production methods and thus finally a best possible price/performance ratio for our customers.

Sensitive robot factory

Module, we know who you are

The module is given a serial number (bar code) at the very beginning of the production process. For each module, we not only record which production phases have been completed using the serial number, but also the results of the flasher and safety tests, the quality rating and all the logistical data. The serial number also allows us to keep track of what materials were used in each solar module.

barcode pv traceability

Used but usable

Inevitably, PV markets will encounter the challenge of proper waste treatment for end-of life PV modules. With a cumulative installed capacity of 105GW in the world, the annual tonnage of photovoltaic waste is expecting to reach 100,000 tones by 2020. Currently available techniques allow the recycling of about 85% of a PV panel weight. Recycling is not only beneficial for the environment; it also reduces the energy needed to produce all PV-constituting materials, thereby decreasing overall manufacturing costs.

pv recycle