Meet the future of Energy

Our R&D Team works on environmentally friendly products, using the most advanced technologies to develop greater efficiency, longer service lives and better environmental protection.

production efficiency

High Efficiency, High Value

Further R&D will lead to improvements in the performance and durability of PV systems and the development of low-cost manufacturing processes.

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new solar technology

Advanced Technology, Maximum Performance

Third-generation thin-film solar devices are beginning to emerge in the marketplace after approximately 20 years of research and development. They will play a significant energy role in applications and markets such as low-power consumer electronics, outdoor recreational applications, and BIPV applications.

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new energy storage

Trendy, aesthetic and highly efficient

R&D targets focus on overcoming technical barriers to enable market success including: significantly reducing battery cost, increasing battery performance (power, energy, durability), reducing battery weight & volume, and increasing battery tolerance to abusive conditions.

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