Fully automated production and thorough controls ensure reliability and consistency on all production levels from the raw material silicon to wafers, cells and modules all the way through to recycling.


poly pv high efficiency

High Efficiency, High Value

Used widely accross solar project for homes, businesses and large-scale power plants, these reliable, high-efficiency solar panels minimize installation costs and maximize kWh output. 

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mono pv solar high efficiency

Advanced Technology, Maximum Performance

Combined with high transmission glass, the result is a highly efficient, next generation solar panel that delivers impressibe performance.

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Black Edition

pv mono black high efficiency

Trendy, aesthetic and highly efficient

This reliable, monocrystalline panel series, suitable for all applications comes in a complete black design.

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Top quality is what distinguishes our innovative solar modules and compatible solutions where materials, products and processes are all fully certified by the most famous testing laboratory in the world.

Certification available here.

Insurance & Warranty

12-year product warranty / 12 years of 90% power rating / 25 years of 82% power rating.

The PV module powered by Aton Energy are delivered with strong warranties and an insurance policy by a famous American Group of Insurance Companies. All our products are covered for 12 Years on workmanship and the Output Performances for 25 Years on general basis. They also include an Insurance Liability and a Financial Cover if the panels do not perform as they should.

Warranty Terms available here.