Thin Film

Imagine: solar roofing solutions for commercial buildings, solar shingles for residential use, solar coverings for landfills and reservoirs, and solar integrated into windows and facades…our diverse product offerings are designed for many applications that exist today, and many more to come.

Thin Film High Efficiency

Thin film high efficiency

Our thin-film modules offer a >13% efficiency in mass production. Very suited for roof-parallel installations on flat roof, they also the perfect match for weight constraint roof due to their frameless design.

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Thin Film Flexible

efficiency thin film flexible

ASUN-TFLEX delivers a high power density in a GIGS flexible solar panel. No penetrations, ballast or racking required with a low installed weight at less than 3kg per square meter.

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Top quality is what distinguishes our innovative solar modules and compatible solutions where materials, products and processes are all fully certified by the most famous testing laboratory in the world.

Insurance & Warranty

A 10-year product warranty / 12 years of 90% power rating / 25 years of 82% power rating